The Value Of Independent Living In A Care Home

Our compassionate team understands that it can sometimes feel overwhelming to move into a care home. For both the patient and their family, it can be a difficult time and often hard to adjust to. At Willow Grange, we are proud to offer extensive support alongside independent care facilities. We aim to make the move into our nursing home as easy and stress-free as possible for everybody involved. Read more below about how we promote independent living care for our residents of our care home.

Decorating Their Space

We encourage all of our residents to decorate their rooms with belongings from home, to help them adjust and feel comfortable. This means their entire room can be filled with as many keepsakes and treasured items as they please. Your loved one will be able to put photographs on their nightstand, or bring their favourite book with them to Willow Grange. Whatever makes them happy or encourages your loved one to feel at home, our friendly team will always be supportive. 

We Provide Private & Independent Rooms

We encourage your loved one to live independently in our care home by providing them with a private andIndependent Room 300x200 comfortable room. We believe everybody should be entitled to privacy and their own space. Whether your loved one would prefer to spend their time outside, socialising with others, or if they value their alone time much more, the choice will always be theirs at Willow Grange. All of our rooms have en-suites and are safe and secure, but our kind staff are always available should your loved one need them. 

Activities For Everyone To Enjoy

Our residents are independent in how they choose to spend their timeActivities 199x300 in our care home. Some of our residents are more social and prefer to spend their time around others, which we encourage by providing regular social events and activities for them to enjoy. Other residents prefer to spend their time by themselves, whether this is reading alone or knitting alone. We understand each of our residents will have different interests, passions and hobbies. Either way, there are activities for every individual to pursue at Willow Grange.

At Willow Grange, we are proud to be able to provide and encourage the following activities:

  • Pet Therapy
  • Gardening
  • Sewing
  • Painting
  • Knitting and Crocheting
  • Singing 
  • Musical instruments

And many more.

Help Is Always Available 

Our compassionate team is always available should our residents need it. We offer 24/7, round the clock care for our residents, which means we are always on hand to provide them with support. We offer independent living care. You can have peace of mind that, although we encourage residents to live independently, your loved one can call for assistance and support at any time. We know that each of our residents is an individual. We encourage our residents to express their individuality through their hobbies and interests, but we know they will all have individual needs and care plans, too.

We are happy for all our residents to take care of their own personal hygiene and dressing. Our team is always available to provide assistance should your loved one need it. At our home, care and independent living options are available to all.

Loved Ones Are Welcome To Visit

At Willow Grange, we encourage our residents to contact their loved one as much as they need to. Families can visit our care home in Surbiton regularly or make frequent calls to their loved ones. Our residents can remain independent in choosing when their family visits and when to have contact with them. While your loved one can access round the clock care from our friendly nursing team, sometimes they will need emotional support from family or a quick catch-up to brighten their day.

The Importance Of Maintaining A Routine

As part of our independent living care approach, residents are encouraged to maintain a daily and weekly routine. Keeping to a routine can help to keep your loved one’s brain active and give them things to look forward to. Whether they wish to call a family member every day at 3pm, or want to watch their favourite show every day at 6pm, this is something we will always accommodate and encourage. A routine gives our residents familiarity and means they can feel more in control of how they spend their time here at Willow Grange.

Visit Willow Grange Today

At Willow Grange, we believe life is about balance, and We are proud to be able to provide the perfect balance between residential home care and independent living, with consistent access to support and assistance. 

If you’d like to learn more about our care home in Surbiton and how we can help your loved one live independently, please do get in touch today. Book a visit with us now on 020 8399 8948 and we can show you exactly how we encourage independent living in our care home.