Choosing The Right Nursing Home

At Willow Grange, we understand that choosing finding the right nursing home for your loved one can seem daunting. You want to make sure you get it right and that your loved one will be happy and cared for wherever they go. Because we understand how difficult the decision can be, we have put together a ‘how to choose a nursing home’ checklist to offer some guidance. This should give you an idea of questions to ask and what else to consider when choosing the right nursing home for your loved one.

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What are some things to consider when choosing the right nursing home?

  • Consider that there may be a waiting list and enquire about this as soon as possible.
  • Ensure the home provides the correct level of care for your loved one.
  • Do your research. Read brochures, reviews and speak to a manager to get the best understanding of the home possible.
  • View their most recent CQC inspection report, found either on their website or ask the home directly.
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What are some things to think about while visiting the home?

When visiting a nursing home and trying to choose the right one for your loved one there can be a lot to take in. We’ve put together a list of some things to consider when taking a look around the grounds for the first time.

1. Cleanliness

Consider the cleanliness of the home and whether there are any unsanitary smells. Think about whether the rooms are presentable, clean and nicely decorated so that the residents feel at home.

2. Staff

Think about the members of staff. Do they seem happy in their role? Ask how many hours a day the staff spend with the residents and whether the staff are accessible to them at all times. Is there always a manager on shift duty, do the staff get to know the residents on a personal level? Really consider their relationship and whether they value the nursing home they are working in.

3. Facilities

Make sure to enquire about the facilities that are available. Is there good wheelchair access for the residents that need it? Will it be easy to visit your loved one? Is there space for you to spend quality time with your loved one?

4. Social Aspects

Ask questions about how the residents are socialised. Are there activities to enjoy? Is there an emphasis on socialising?

5. Meal Times

When it comes to meal time, make sure to ask questions about whether the residents can enjoy food together, or alone, based on what your loved one would prefer. Are the meals cooked fresh daily? Would your loved one be encouraged to make their own food?

6. Safety

Think about safety – can your loved one choose to have a male or female member of staff attend to them? Is there a residents call bell system? Ask questions to whoever is showing you around about the safety of the home. The staff should be more than happy to ease your mind about any safety queries or concerns you have.

Choosing Willow Grange is Choosing the Right Nursing Home

At Willow Grange, we’re incredibly proud of our compassionate care services and will do everything we can to ensure that your loved one feels welcome. Our home is inviting and warm, putting your mind at ease the minute you walk through our doors. We see Willow Grange as a continuation of life at home, and will do everything we can to encourage our residents to be independent but assist them when they need it.

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