Specialist Dementia Care Home 

Here at Willow Grange in Surbiton, London, we pride ourselves on providing our residents with a comfortable home away from home. Despite the complex needs dementia patients have, our friendly and experienced team ensures that they are able to enjoy each day, doing the things that they love. At the core of all of our dementia care services, it is our belief that each resident is treated as a unique individual. We see it as an honour to spend time caring for your loved one within our specialist dementia care home.

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Friendly Nursing Home For Dementia Patients

Our warm and friendly team believes that a nurturing environment can help to enable residents to have a sense of individual identity. Our specialist dementia nurses will take the time to get to know your loved one, listen to their past, experiences, likes, and dislikes to ensure that the environment we provide is one in which they can thrive. Dementia care when done right, helps to reduce the symptoms of dementia wherever possible, as well as provides your family member with security and reassurance. We understand that for both the resident and family, it can be a frightening experience. We always work closely with the families to ensure that the transition into our home goes smoothly.

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What Can Our Residential Dementia Care Provide?

Although we do always respond and tailor our care to the individual resident, throughout our years of providing dementia care support we have a few strategies we have found to be beneficial. From listening to their story to establishing trust and familiarity, your loved one will be comfortable at Willow Grange.

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Specialist Dementia Care Home

  • Listen to their story – Dementia residents tend to find that memories from the past are clear and it is just the more recent memories that they have sadly lost. Our team works hard to ensure we fully understand each individual’s history, family, and preferences so that we can tailor our care and activities appropriately.  
  • Trust and familiarity – We understand that dementia can be unpredictable and new environments can often trigger symptoms. Our specialist dementia care support is tailored to provide just that. We encourage residents to decorate their rooms with their personal belongings for familiarity.
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Enhanced safety

Our fully trained team is dedicated to providing our dementia residents with a welcoming environment, encouraging independence wherever possible in a secure and safe setting. All of our communal areas are sensitively decorated and feature clear signage, defined areas, and easy access.

Experienced staff

Passionate staff is what makes Willow Grange great. Our experienced dementia care staff have a deep commitment and understanding of our residents and their families.


We understand that dementia residents need to be given more time so that they are able to avoid any stresses of daily living. Our team is fully committed to ensuring that each resident is given the time they need.

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Going Above and Beyond For Dementia Residents

Wherever possible, our team at Willow Grange goes above and beyond best practice to provide residents with outstanding quality dementia nursing and support. We are committed to providing an environment for your loved one to flourish and enjoy and fully welcoming them into the Willow Grange family. To find out more about our support or to come and visit the home in Surbiton, London, please get in touch. Call us today on 020 8399 8948.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Residential Dementia Nursing Home?

Residential dementia care supports individuals in maintaining their independence and individuality, despite being diagnosed with dementia. At Willow Grange, we are able to care for residents who have individual needs related to dementia, whilst also assisting with any other health needs.

Do you offer short term dementia care?

Yes. At Willow Grange, we offer both short or long term care for your loved one with dementia. To find out more about the short term dementia care we offer, call us today on 020 8399 8948.

Who makes the decision?

It’s common for those with dementia to resist the idea of moving to a care home. Whilst we encourage all of our residents to maintain their independence where they can, if an individual requires 24/7 care, this can be difficult to carry out at home. We advise you to listen to your loved ones’ concerns and, with the right support, they may understand why choosing a care home is the best decision for them. 

How do you know if someone needs dementia care?

Deciding how to best care for a loved one with dementia can be extremely challenging. Dementia is progressive, meaning the person with the condition will likely require more care and support as time goes on. Signs it might be time for your loved one to move into a specialist dementia care home like Willow Grange include, frequent hospital admissions, concerns over their safety and unmanageable behaviour.

What dementia training and qualifications do staff have?

At Willow Grange, our warm and friendly team of specialist dementia care staff are professionally qualified and experienced as well as being kind and understanding. If you’d like to know more about the specific qualifications held by our staff, please do get in touch and a member of our team will be happy to discuss this with you. 

How is the care home made safe for residents with dementia?

All of our communal areas are sensitively decorated and feature clear signage, defined areas and easy access.

What dementia-friendly activities are on offer?

At Willow Grange we offer a variety of dementia-friendly activities aimed at stimulating both the mind and body. For those who are able to participate in physical activities, we offer yoga, stretching and resistance training. We also offer more social, stimulating activities including pet therapy, knitting and crocheting, singing, food-based activities and many more.

How is the care home environment dementia-friendly?

As experienced dementia care providers, at Willow Grange we understand how important having the right facilities and rooms is. We understand that dementia can be unpredictable and new environments often trigger symptoms. We actively encourage all families to help decorate their loved one’s bedrooms with pictures, keepsakes and belongings to help make them feel safe and at home.

Why choose us for your loved ones Dementia Care?

At WIllow Grange, we understand that each of our residents has different needs and will require different support during their time with us. We are committed to providing an environment for your loved one to flourish and enjoy. To find out more about the dementia care we offer, or to book a visit, call us today on 020 8399 8948.

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