Specialist Residential Nursing Home in Surbiton

Here at Willow Grange, our dedicated and experienced team of nurses are on hand to provide your loved one with the specialist care they deserve. We understand how difficult it can be to find the right residential nursing home for your family member and welcome you to come and view the home with your loved one as many times as you need before you make the decision. We pride ourselves on providing residents with a home away from home environment, catering to their needs, and ensuring that they receive the one-to-one care that enables them to thrive.

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Residential Care Home For The Elderly

Regardless of the care requirements of your family member, you can have peace of mind knowing that your loved one is treated with the utmost care and passion. Residents have the freedom to socialise and relax on their own terms. Our team actively adapts to the needs of each resident to ensure that the activities are catered to their passions. Residents are encouraged to decorate their own bedrooms with treasured keepsakes and belongings to help further enhance the homely environment.

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What Does Our Residential Nursing Home Provide Residents?

Our residential care home in Surbiton provides:

  • A relaxing, comfortable and safe environment. 
  • Companionship with the team and other residents.
  • Delicious meals prepared fresh daily by our incredible chef. 
  • Engaging activities
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Why Choose Willow Grange For Residential Care?

At Willow Grange, our passionate team specialises in providing person-centred care, tailoring each of our care plans to the needs of each resident. We pride ourselves on the sense of community we have created at Willow Grange, with choice and dignity being at the heart of everything we do. Our residential care facility provides 24/7 care. Not only does our team provide pain management, we are also on hand to assist with cooking delicious and nutritious meals. Whatever your loved one needs, our residential care home will be able to provide it, along with a strong sense of companionship.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Residential Care?

Residential care is support and care in a residential living facility. Support is available 24/7 as and when your loved one needs it. Here at Willow Grange, we provide a homely environment where your loved one will be able to remain as independent as they please but have the opportunity to socialise and make friends. We are also on-hand to provide delicious meals and help with daily tasks like going to the toilet. Our residential care plans are very much tailored to your loved one’s individual needs. Care is available when needed but we are proud to encourage your loved one to spend their time doing the things they enjoy.

What Is Included In Residential Care?

Life at Willow Grange encourages your loved one to remain independent. This means our residential care includes accommodation, food and all necessary utilities like heating, but assistance is available should your loved one need it. Whether your loved one needs help getting dressed and going to the toilet, or help with pain management and cooking fresh meals, we can be as involved in their care as they need us to be. We are proud to not only provide specialist care, but also a home away from home environment where your loved one will thrive.

What Is The Difference Between A Residential Home And A Nursing Home?

A residential care home can be different to a nursing home but not always. A care home may only provide residential care, or they could provide both residential care and nursing care. A nursing home will always have a qualified nurse on-site. A residential care home will have medical care and support available but it isn’t a constant like it is in a care home and may only have a district nurse visit as and when it is needed. Here at Willow Grange, we are proud to provide both residential care and nursing care.

How Long Do People Live In Residential Care?

Residential care plans are tailored to each individual patient. The length of stay can vary depending on your loved one’s needs.

When Is Residential Care Needed?

If your loved one is struggling to live independently at home, it may be time to consider residential care. Here at Willow Grange, we encourage our residents to remain independent but can provide specialist nursing care and support if and when it is necessary. Your loved one will have the opportunity to live life how they please but the help will always be there. If you think it’s time to consider residential care, do not hesitate to contact our team today on 020 8399 8948. We will be more than happy to provide you with all the information you need before making a decision.

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