Specialist Dementia Care & Nursing Home Facilities

As experienced dementia care providers, we understand how important having the right facilities and rooms is. We pride ourselves on providing our residents with a home away from home, ensuring that any resident using our long-term care facilities feels safe, secure, and welcome at all times. Our fully trained and experienced team are on hand 24/7 to provide around-the-clock care and support to your loved one, ensuring that they feel comfortable and happy. Our nursing home facilities help to provide a warm and relaxing environment for our residents to relax and thrive in.

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Dementia Care Facilities

Each of our residents is a part of the Willow Grange family. We work to build a real sense of community with the facilities we offer throughout our nursing home. Our residents are provided with opportunities to relax at their leisure, whether they’re looking to rest comfortably in their own room throughout the day or are looking for a more social atmosphere in our communal areas. Choice and dignity are at the core of our philosophy.

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Adding A Touch Of Home

Our team fully understands how overwhelming a move into a nursing home facility can be for both our residents and their families. We actively encourage all families to help decorate their loved one’s bedrooms with treasured keepsakes and belongings to help further enhance the homely environment for them. After all, we believe Willow Grange should be an extension of their home life. All of our nursing home bedrooms have been lovingly decorated, just like how we would for our own loved ones. All residents are provided with en-suites for maximum privacy and dignity at our elderly care facility.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What facilities are provided in a nursing home?

At Willow Grange, our residents are given the opportunity to relax in their rooms at their own leisure, or partake in social activities in our communal areas. Choice and dignity are at the core of our philosophy, so we take pride in offering our residents the choice as to which of our facilities they make use of most!

What is the purpose of dementia care facilities in a nursing home?

It’s important that all residents feel safe and comfortable in their environment, especially for dementia patients who can often struggle to feel secure in their surroundings. At Willow Grange, we offer our dementia patients relaxation, as well as companionship with other residents, delicious meals and engaging activities.

Will my loved one be allowed to decorate their room?

Yes. At Willow Grange we are firm believers in the importance of making our residents feel as though their time with us is merely an extension of home life. That’s why we actively encourage residents and their loved ones to decorate their rooms with keepsakes and belongings to enhance that warm, homely feel.

Can residents decide which care home facilities they make use of?

Yes! We understand that everyone is different. Not all of our residents are going to want to socialise all-day-everyday, nor will most wish to remain isolated in their rooms 24/7. At Willow Grange, we encourage our residents to decide which facilities they make use of on a daily basis, whether that’s engaging in activities in our communal areas, or spending time relaxing alone.

Are all residents given en-suites?

Yes. At Willow Grange, all of our residents are given en-suite rooms for maximum privacy and dignity. If you’d like to find out more about what our facilities look like, or would like to schedule a visit, get in touch today.

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